(Accountancy, Business and Management)

Accountancy, Business and Management

About Course

This strand is designed for students who are inclined to pursue college degrees related to business, accountancy, and management programs. ABM focuses on the basic concepts of business management, financial management, corporate management and operations, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and information technology.

Career Opportunities:

  • To prepare students to venture and manage their own businesses
  • To work as an Entrepreneur, Retailer, Merchandiser, Bookkeeper, Sales & Marketing Assistant, Office Personnel
  • To acquire a Certificate of Competency (CoC) in Bookkeeping from TESDA

Degrees to Pursue:

  • BS Accountancy, BS Business Administration
  • (Majors in: Management Accounting, Financial Management, Office Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, etc.),
  • BS Entrepreneurship, BS Economics