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Marinduque Midwest College adheres to the proposition that each person is gifted by his Creator with particular talents, which through adequate provisions of resources may be harnessed to the formation of an integrated individual, self-actualized, and responsive to ever-changing society to which he owes everything he is and shall be. Hence, the school upholds tenaciously the fundamental right of each person to access to education that considers his uniqueness while at the same time develops his best potential and promotes his dignity as a person contributing to the progress not only of his immediate community but of humanity as a whole.


MMC envisions itself as a world-class educational institution which develops and nurtures learners who are God-loving, critical thinkers, productive, responsive and committed to serve the less privileged.


MMC commits its resources through an integrated program of human formation which recognizes the parameters of quality education that shall develop God-loving, self-disciplined, competent, and productive Filipino citizens.