(Home Economics)

Home Economics

About Course

Subjects in the Home Economics can also lead to National certifications based on TESDA standards. You will be taking up courses on barbering, bartending, beauty care, bread and pastry, caregiving, cookery, dressmaking, food and beverage, housekeeping, tourism, handicrafts among others.

Career Opportunities:

  • To enhance the knowledge, and skills of the students in various hot and cold products and manage guests in hotels, restaurants, canteens, resorts, luxury liners and cruise ships within the company’s acceptable standards
  • To train students to become effective and efficient Cook, Restaurant/Hotel/Resort Kitchen Staff, Canteen Worker/Owner
  • To prepare students to venture and manage their own businesses
  • To acquire a National Certification in Cookery from TESDA

Degrees to Pursue:

  • BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • BS in Food Technology