(Bachelor of Elementary Education)

Bachelor of Elementary Education

BEEd nature of study and Program Goals

The BEED degree program aims to develop globally highly motivated and competent teachers specializing in the content and pedagogy for elementary education.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of BEED Program

  • Demonstrate in depth understanding of the diversity of learners in various learning areas.
  • Manifest meaningful and comprehensive pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of the different areas.
  • Utilize appropriate assessment and evaluation tools to measure learning outcomes.
  • Manifest skills in communication, higher order thinking and use of tools and technology to accurate learning and teaching.
  • Demonstrate positive attributes of a model teacher. Both as an individual and as a professional.
  • Manifest a desire to continuously pursue personal and professional development.

Job Opportunities for Graduates of BEED

The following job opportunities in public and private schools at the following levels (pre-school & elementary) await education graduates.

  • Teaching – as classroom teacher, demonstration teacher, master teacher
  • Research – as action researcher in the classroom or participants in institutions projects
  • School administration/supervisor - as principal, head teacher, department chairman/coordinator supervisor
  • Student personnel work - as guidance counselor, testing expert, school social worker, student adviser, school psychologist, school publications adviser
  • Curriculum work – as curriculum writer, developer, textbook writer, instructional materials developer