(Bachelor of Science in Education major in English)

Bachelor of Science in Education major in English

BSED nature of study and Program Goals

The BSED is an undergraduate teacher education program designed to equip future teacher with adequate, relevant, and updated competencies to teach in their chosen area of specialization/major in the secondary level. It aims to develop highly motivated and competent teachers specializing in the content and pedagogy for secondary education.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of BSED major in English

  • Possess broad knowledge of language and literature for effective learning
  • Use English as a global language in a multilingual context as it applies to the teaching of language and literature
  • Acquire extensive reading background in language literature and allied fields.
    • Shows competence in employing innovative language and literature teaching approaches methodologies, and strategies
    • Use technology in facilitating language teaching and learning
    • Inspire students and colleagues to bad relevant and transformative changes to improve learning and teaching language and literature.
    • Display skills and abilities to be reflective and research oriented language and literature teacher.

Job Opportunities for BSED Graduates

  • Teaching – as classroom teacher, demonstration teacher, master teacher
  • Research – as action researcher in the classroom or participants in institutions projects
  • School administration/supervisor - as principal, head teacher, department chairman/coordinator supervisor
  • Student personnel work - as guidance counselor, testing expert, school social worker, student adviser, school psychologist, school publications adviser
  • Curriculum work – as curriculum writer, developer, textbook writer, instructional materials developer